Unable to see enqueued jobs in dashboard

Hi There
I am unable to see enqueued jobs in the dashboard “Enqueued jobs” - I can see all other kinds of jobs just not the jobs themselves. Strange thing is that it knows about those jobs as there is a pager control. See screenshot

It looks to like the job rendering code may be malfunctioning.

Can you enable Logging and see what it says ?

No errors caught (elmah)

I think your best bet might be to stick a breakpoint on it then. Assuming you’re using SQL Server, I think your best bet is to start here:

I dont have the source code to put a break point there, but I managed to get queries from SQL server and it looks like the result of the query on that page is Id instead of JobId.
I might be wrong but the query after that asks for 10 jobIds as parameters in IN statement which seem to fit this one, however with Id instead of JobIDs it just doesn’t return anything

The source code of Hangfire is available on GitHub: (Just select the version you’re using from the tags list in the branch drop-down and then download the whole repository as a .zip - You can then add this project to your solution and reference that)

It looks like your suggestion about it using Id rather than JobId is correct, a change was made recently which removed a join and looks to have introduced this bug:

Please raise this as an issue in GitHub:

Thanks for looking at this - I opened a ticket

@metro, @yngndrw, thanks a lot for the investigation! I’ve fixed the issue, and will release 1.5.1 asap.