Cannot See Jobs in MSMQ

I have configured hangfire successfully with MSMQ and Sql server.
I can see my job in Hangfire.job but not in MSMQ.
Jobs are stuck in Enqueue Queue . Server is not processing the data.
Below is the startup.cs configuration

// Any connection or hub wire up and configuration should go here
.UseMsmqQueues(@".\Private$\hangfire-{0}", _msmqName)//, “platform-default”)
.UseFilter(new AutomaticRetryAttribute() { Attempts = 0 }) // do not retry if failed
.UseActivator(new ContainerJobActivator(GlobalContainer.Instance));

        var options = new BackgroundJobServerOptions()
            WorkerCount = Convert.ToInt32(_maxWorkerCount)

        app.UseHangfireDashboard("/queue", DashboardOptions());

If I will comment out .UseMsmqQueues(@".\Private$\hangfire-{0}", _msmqName)//, “platform-default”)
then everything works as expected. It seems there is some issue with MSMQ only