Queue name in job list

Is there any way to include queue name in list views on the Dashboard?

I’m using Hangfire with a multi-tenant environment. Each tenant have an own database, Hangfire runs in a separate Windows service for each. I distinguish tenants by setting their services up to manage only a specific queue. I’m running the same jobs for each tenant, so they both appear as “Job1.Execute(), Job2.Execute()” on the dashboard. I need to open each row to see which queue was the job running in. All Hangfire servers share the same Hangfire DB on Sql Server, and the dashboard is also running in a single app pool in IIS.

With the current UI, the Enqueued view shows jobs grouped by queue. If you go into a specific job, at the bottom is displayed the queue it is in. If you want to make a custom UI for a custom dashboard to display something similar, have a look at the Hangfire.State table. The “Queue” JSON attribute shows the queue name assigned, job status is also here.

Yeah, I was aware of the grouped view of enqueued jobs, but it would be nice to achieve the same layout or just include the queue name in the retries/succeeded/failed views. Thanks for the info, I’ll probably create a pull request for that then.