Dashboard shows 0 servers, jobs keep being done


There seems to be a discrepancy between running jobs and Hangfire Server count displayed in the Dashboard. Jobs keep performing but the Dashboard shows 0 Servers. When in the Servers tab no servers are displayed too.

Repro steps: random occurrence



-number of apps working with this hangfire database - 1 (only this, simplest case, no multi-app meddling)
-number of hangfire servers in the app - 8 (shows 0)
-nuget Hangfire.AspNetCore version: 1.7.18
-host hardware: checked hardware resources should be ok 99.99% of the time, sometimes processor spikes to high loads due to (different) 3rd party apps hosted on the same machine.
-ASP.NET Core 3.1 configuration: (usage of db provider defined in .UseHangfire() method only, not in .UseHangfireDashboard - normally working ok)
-types of jobs being done: IBackgroundJobClient.Enqueue, via IBackgroundJobClient injected in the class by ASP.NET (default case when not calling the static BackgroundJob.Enqueue)

Configuration code
services.AddHangfire((serviceProvider, config) =>
                    new PostgreSqlStorageOptions()
                        InvisibilityTimeout = TimeSpan.FromHours(12),
                        PrepareSchemaIfNecessary = false,
public void UseHangfireDashbord(IApplicationBuilder app)
            app.UseHangfireDashboard("/hangfire", new DashboardOptions
                Authorization = new[]
                    new BasicAuthAuthorizationFilter(
                        options: new BasicAuthAuthorizationFilterOptions
                            RequireSsl = false,
                            SslRedirect = false,
                            LoginCaseSensitive = true,
                            Users = new []
                                new BasicAuthAuthorizationUser
                                    Login = _hangfireConfiguration.BasicAuthAuthorizationUser.Username,
                                    PasswordClear =  _hangfireConfiguration.BasicAuthAuthorizationUser.Password
                IsReadOnlyFunc = (DashboardContext context) => _hangfireConfiguration.IsHangfireDashboardReadOnly

After some time (tracked around 1 hr) the servers go back up to standard. This happens auto-magically. No app restart or anything.

Normal operation restored screenshot

Any knowledge on why is the Dashboard’s showing 0 servers?
Is it a known issue?
Is it event a dashboard problem or is it something deeper and concerning?