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I really like this forum, is this a custom solution or is there somewhere I can download/buy the code to host this forum?


Nope, this isn’t a custom solution :slight_smile: Hangfire forum is based on Discourse, a new open-source forum engine from cool guys.


Hi ,

I am very new to hangfire. but i don’t get any idea how to use hangfire as distributed system. means i wish to run a job which is in other server , but i wish to instantiate from my web application.

please reply this with some sample code or link that i can refer.



I can help you with this topic if u are interested, im using hangfire server as windows service with multiple clients as web apps. They are scheduling and enqueuing jobs on server. Distributed processing is also simple option!


this work has very very very bad things on method parameters;
and there is no support for that they only say use IOC
and no one knows what the hell is IOC and why that’s not working


why in your documentation you have a link to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cron#CRON_expression if it is not possible to use that cron expressions? If I use a 16 14 L ? ? …I got: ‘L’ is not a valid [Day] crontab field value. It must be a numeric value between 1 and 31 (all inclusive).

This just sucks, you have documentation which does not work and the cron expressions that you use are even more limited then the normal ones. If I want to run on 31 of every month or at least to use the last day of every month I can’t? Damn… I don’t even will talk about days 29,30. This expressions are killing me.


did you got any answer in this “Forum”
I’m facing the same issue… no1 replies…