Using Hangfire for Cron Jobs

I have a question. I need to use Hangfire to run recurring jobs. However, as I understand it, if I put Hangfire in a web app, the background server will not run until I actually launch the web app in a browser. That will not work for me, since I need the background server to run without user intervention. So, I am thinking about using a Windows service with Hangfire. If I do that, can I still get to the Hangfire portal to see jobs that have run or do I need to have a separate web app that will display the portal ? If I do that will the web app and the Windows service both try and launch jobs independently ?

You can do it absolutely.

Please take a look at the documentation

I read the documentation. I am going to have a main Hangfire Windows service. Here is my main question: do I need to create a separate Web app to host the Hangfire web portal ? I would assume that this portal will not do any scheduling of jobs, but just have a DB connection to the Hangfire SQL database and show the Hangfire portal.

No! Server and Dashborad runs independently.