Is it possible to have Hangfire Server on Windows Service and dashboard on Web


I've started hangfire server on Windows Service. That is up and running. And I've configured hangfire dashboard on ASP.NET web application pointing to the same DB.  I'm initiating my long-running job on the Web application.

The job is stuck in the enqueued state but never moved to processing. Is it right approach or not?


I have the same configuration.
Hangfire Server in Windows Service and Dashboard in a web application.
Works fine.
Its the logical thing to do IMHO.

Maybe your job hangs.

For debugging and/or monitoring purposes i run the service locally as a console app. (possible with e.g. Topshelf or other techniques)


Can recommend topshelf, same configuration works really well

Hangfire and Topshelf goes well together Hand in Hand.
Topshelf makes windows services creation effortless.
Adding Hangfire server and Recurring jobs makes your life very easy.

Topshelf + Hangfire = (C# GOLD MINE)