HangFire hosted in Windows Server while Dashboard as Website

Can anyone please guide me how to achieve the below:
I have a Console application which is hosted as a Windows Service using SQL storage, processing all the reports requested by the users. I would like to host the Dashboard in a website for monitoring purpose. I couldn’t figure out how can I achieve this, any help is appreciated.

Simply configure the dashboard on your web app


And make sure to use the same storage configuration and everything will work!

I think you need a web server for you console application. You can use OWIN host for keeping small size your application.

Which part are you having trouble with? The dashboard or the service? You given no information about what your problem is.

Actually I am not good in with hints only. I have created a Console Application which uses HangsFire as job scheduling with SQL Server persistence. Now I would like to have job monitoring application for HangsFire. I read the documentation, however, couldn’t figure out where to start with?

Do I need to add a new web application to my project or add OWIN Startup class in my console application.