Hangfire server


I have used hangfire in our project to upload excel file data to database as long running background process.
Now I need to give small presentation to our development team about Hangfire and its usage in our project.

I have a question related to Hangfire server (may it can be silly one !!! ) : Where actually the hangfire server resides? its in IIS or as a windows service?? I believe it should be in IIS.
Please give me some information about Hangfire server IIS configuration/location and how it works?

Thank you.

Hangfire is a framework, it does reside where you put it. There are no templates for Visual Studio, no special console or windows service applications and other stuff. So, if you create a console application and put the following lines, your console application will process your jobs.

using (var server = new BackgroundJobServer()) 

If you put the lines above to a web application, or use the config.UseServer() method in OWIN Startup class, your jobs will be processed in the web application. Its the same with Windows Services. You are able even to combine all the application types, or begin with processing in a web app, and then move to Windows Service if needed.