Suggestion on common usage

Hi all,
I would like to ask you a suggestion about hangfire usage

We have an APP (and server side module). Users can schedule throw the APP some actions (for example, SEND ME A REPORT AT 08.00 PM)
We are considering to manage those scheduling using hangfire, on server side. So, users create a “trigger” (SEND ME A REPORT AT 08.00 PM every day), this job is create on hangfire (with BackgroundJob.Schedule or RecurringJob.AddOrUpdate call)

So, every day a job is fired on hangfire side

The point is that user can decide to DISABLE the task. So, we would need to disable RecurringJob programmatically.

My question is: do you think this (using hangfire) is the correct approach? When user DEACTIVATE the rule, how to fetch correct recurring job? Ho can we link recurring job with user information?

Thanks for your help!