How can I specify count for a recurring job?

Hi, Hangfire is amazing thanks.
I’m developing a application and I wanna run a recurring job for nth? for example I want to send email for users just for 5 weeks or 2 times in day or … something like that.
Is there any way to do that?

Hello @csharp,

Your problem is very close to mine, I am interested to know if you found any solution for your problem? Can you please share that with me!


You probably need to setup a new job that runs periodically and whose whole purpose is to get a list of tasks related to your users needs. It would then evaluate if anything needs to be done for each user and perform some work.

Maybe this job could run every 5 or 10 minutes to do this work. Its like you would use Hangfire as a mechanism to kick off your own internal task system.

Just some thoughts…