How to change the default "Items per page" from 10 to 20 or 100

I would like to change the “Items per page” default from 10 items to 20 or maybe 100…
I understand that doing so creates a slightly more load on the server but I am ok with that.
When I am in the HF dashboard, I am usually troubleshooting things and its an extra click for me more than anything.

Is there a web.conf setting for this?
Thanks for your help.


Bump. I have exactly 11 jobs, so you can imagine how this is a regular papercut every time I visit that page, since the default pagination is 10.

Hi guys,
I think that upgrading to HF 1.8 and using the UseMaxArgumentSizeToRender(int n) in Hangfire service configuration could be useful for you both.
For example I set n = 20 and this is the result: