Changing the aggregate counter values on Dashboard homepage

Is it possible to display a counter for last 24h instead of the ‘global’ value of everything that ever ran on the server? Recurring jobs that start other small jobs can make that counter go up very fast, and the value doesn’t mean anything when you see that numbers in the 6 digits range.

I understand that those values are used by the dashboard to display statistics, so changing the DB manually (through a Hangfire job :wink: ) might not be a good idea, and I don’t see anything in the code that lead me do believe that it’s configurable, so maybe this is more of a suggestion than a question…

Still, what would be the ramifications of changing the aggregated value directly in the DB?

If you go in the Overview page of the hangfire dashboard, you can change the “history graph” so that it displays by week, and with that every point in the graph is a day, so you can see how many job per day were succeeded and how many failed

Thanks, but I am talking about the value shown beside the “Succeeded” line in the Jobs page (not the Homepage like I stated previously, sorry)
I know it’s nitpicking, but I just do not want to see the value. I’d prefer to remove it than seeing the global total.