Dashboard tweak

I have some jobs that take a list of ints. Some of the lists can have thousands of items in them. This makes the dashboard a little unruly since you have to scroll down passed all those numbers to see the enqueue/processing info. It’s a pretty easy CSS tweak to give the top section of the screen a min height which would cause it to scroll while also allowing the rest of the info that follows to be more visible.

It’s seems to me either the dashboard can be changed to force this on everyone using Hangfire (a bit extreme) or the dashboard could be made more extensible to allow me to add this tweak without impacting other users of the package. Is this kind of extensibility currently available or is anyone working on it? Seeing what Hangfire.console has done makes me think it must be possible but how it is being done in that package seems like over kill to add a few lines of CSS. Thoughts?