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Customize CSS for UI

Is there a way to use a custom stylesheet for the HangFire UI? I’m embedding HangFire inside another application and would like the look-and-feel to match more closely. It would be cool if you could pass in the path to a CSS file as part of the dashboard options object when making the call to UseHangfireDashboard. If you think that makes sense I’d be happy to take a stab at a PR for it.

Thanks for the great project!

Hi @joshberry, why not. I think it should be available through the DashboardOptions.ExtraCssUrl option or so. Would you like to create a PR agains the dev branch?

I don’t think this option is available in 1.4.5. Is there a way to customize razor views and styles?

Yea - this is still not available in the library - although I do see it in GitHub -

I would like to have this as well. I see the PR for this, any reason why it wasn’t completed?

Another approach to update the stylesheet is to have a router rewrite rule for /css* and redirect it to your stylesheet or copy that stylesheet and add your updated rules accordingly.