Hangfire Dashboard header customization

Hi is there a way or plan in the future to support the feature wherein we can customize the dashboard header?

Maybe put a logo or brand of the company?

For me it is not really an issue but for some of the clients, they want their logo or name on
whatever system they are using

maybe in the DashboardOptions we can expose a property to change the hangfire dashboard header text or add some logo.

This can be useful for people who are utilizing multiple dashboards. So each dashboard can have a distinct look.

Thank you!

Everything dashboard uses is available trough API (Monitoring API I belive) so you can make your own version of it.

Thanks for that info @Domagoj_Medo but that would mean that i have to re-create the dashboard that is already existing
when all i want is a simple text change. :slight_smile:

But yeah i know what you mean. Wonder if they’re open for a PR for that kind of feature

Customers don’t have to see everything on dashboard, give them just small preview with their logo. Rest is “Premium” :).

About PR, I’m fairly sure it won’t pass, too specific.