Help/Clarification with hangfire configuration, PreLoading, and OWIN Startup

Hi Serj (and others) - Firstly I like hangfire I really hope you continue the good work.
I’ve starting using the .net4 1.1.1 version of hangfire with the dashboard in a .NET 4 web application, IIS7.5 on 2008 R2 and was hoping you could answer a few quesitons.

I’ve followed the instruction relating to “Making ASP.NET application always running” using the app warm up functionality.The IRegisteredObject bootstrapper is there, the Startup.cs is also there, and the App_start and App_End in the global.asax. It works.

The quesiton(s) I have are relating to the relationship between the Startup.cs, the Bootstrapper, and the PreLoad. The documentation suggests that I should “Prefer to use the UseServer method over manual BackgroundJobServer instantiation”. I am using the IProcessHostPreloadClient implementation to warm up the server . This must happen prior to any call to UseServer and its configuration through the OWIN Startup.

If hangfire is started in the PreLoad and the bootstrapper sets up and the storage type/location and containers is the Startup.UserServer() in Startup.cs relevant or required for graceful shutdown?

Do we need to set up something in the bootstapper to achive the same goal? or are the calls to HangfireBootstrapper.Instance.Stop() enough for gracefull shutdown?

Is UseServer just something for usage with hangfire when perhaps the application and its scheduled jobs are not required to be AlwaysRunning or does it update the existing JobSever?

As a possible alternative would be for Web Applications on IIS 7.5 + to use the newer Application Initialization Module than the IProcessHostPreloadClient to warm up applications with a http call. thus eliminated the need for the preloader etc and reducing the starting points from 3 to 2 or even 1

Perhaps I have confused myself!?

Any help would be great.

If anyone @odinserj? can help me here that would be great! Would like to get this into production but just want clarity/confirmation.

I am also looking for answers to these same questions. Can anyone provide any input?