Configuration for Asp.Net MVC WebApi - OwinStartup or Application_Start


First off; great project, great documentation, keep up the good work!

I’m developing a Asp.Net MVC WebApi that will use Hangfire to run recurrent tasks.

After reading the documentation I’m not sure what configuration is needed to assure that the application will be running and perform the tasks.

This page:


“For OWIN-based applications (ASP.NET MVC, Nancy, ServiceStack, FubuMVC, etc.), place the configuration lines to the OWIN Startup class.”

Then there is this page:

that explains how to use HangfireBootstrapper with Application_Start to make sure the application is started with the website.

So; in my case, with a Asp.Net MVC WebApi do I have to care about the bootstrapper, or is the OwinStartup registration enough?


And; an additional question: If using owin only, do I still need to enable Always Running Mode for the Application pool