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Documentation wrong?

I have an existing app using .net core w/hangfire and it works fine, so Ive used Hangfire before.

Now there is a need to have a legacy asp.net web forms app running under framework 4.6, that I need to use Hangfire with to enqueue jobs and use the dashboard. So Ive added an Owin startup class.

So I started reviewing the docs for other versions of asp.net and I ran across this part.
Seems the hangfire docs are referring to an older version of hangfire?
specifically, the statement UseHangfireAspNet, which I don’t think exists?

  public void Configuration(IAppBuilder app)

        // Let's also create a sample background job
        BackgroundJob.Enqueue(() => Debug.WriteLine("Hello world from Hangfire!"));

        // ...other configuration logic

So after adding an OWIN startup class.

I simply do something like this in the own startup class
public void Configuration(IAppBuilder app)
string connstr = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings[“AppHfJobs”].ConnectionString;


        // Let's also create a sample background job
        //BackgroundJob.Enqueue(() => .WriteLine("Hello App world Hangfire!"));


What is this “UseHangfireAspNet” method ?

I ran into the same error. It was because I didn’t have the necessary HangFire.AspNet package installed (instead I had installed HangFire.AspNetCore).