Autostart with local IIS results in 403.14 error

Hi guys,

I’ve recently added a RecurrringJob to my system and moved the app from Azure to on-prem. Now I need it to be always on. Following the instructions here:

I setup the classes and did everything exactly as listed (the only difference adding the RecurringJob calls inside the Start method of the HangfireBootstrapper class.

Now running locally out of Visual Studio (IIS Express) the site gave me a 403.14 error saying the default document wasn’t set.

HTTP Error 403.14 - Forbidden
The Web server is configured to not list the contents of this directory.

I removed all this stuff and it works fine. Not sure what’s happening as I can’t even debug the system locally when the error kicks in.

Any thoughts? Is there a better way to keep the always on feature for on-prem deployments?

I came across this topic:

However the instructions there have a PreWarmCache class (similar to the ApplicationPreload class in the official documents).

So not sure the best/right/good enough way to implement this and why the default document needs to be set once I follow the original hangfire doc setup. Not sure I want to deploy this to my DEV environment blindly without getting it running locally first. The server is running regular IIS 7.5.

One more thing, I have my current hangfire configured using the OwinStartup attribute that was added with the package (this is MVC5). The PreWarmCache approach above mentions that the OwinStartup won’t be called if this is triggered so I’m confused if I used this method, should I have something else that starts up Hangfire so it’s being called either in PreWarmCache or Startup the same way?