Hangfire with servicebus error when UseServiceBusQueues


I’m trying to implement Hangfire with servicebus on Azure.

I did as following:
var sqlStorage = new SqlServerStorage(keyVaultServiceConfiguration.GetSection(“ServiceConfiguration”)[“HangfireSqlServerConnectionString”]);
new ServiceBusQueueOptions
ConnectionString = keyVaultServiceConfiguration.GetSection(“ServiceConfiguration”)[“HangfireServiceBusConnectionString”],
QueuePrefix = “Dev-”,
Queues = new[] { Configuration.GetSection(“ServiceConfiguration”)[“HangfireWebhookQueueName”] },

When tries to execute sqlStorage.UseServiceBusQueues i have the following error:
‘Method ‘Enqueue’ in type ‘Hangfire.Azure.ServiceBusQueue.ServiceBusQueueJobQueue’ from assembly ‘Hangfire.Azure.ServiceBusQueue, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null’ does not have an implementation.’

Anyone knows what is this about?

Thank you

I am seeing the exact same issue. .NET Core libraries/api has changed for Azure ServiceBus. I’m guessing hangfire needs to be updated to match.

I’m using the latest version for .Net Core libraries for Hangfire Servicebus. It installed by itself the needed referenced libraries…also Azure ServiceBus.
The Hangfire.Core is 1.6.17.

I found the cause of this problem.
This nuget was compiled with Hangfire.Core 1.5.3 where IPersistentJobQueue is different then the version from 1.6.17.

Can someone compile the nuget for ServiceBus with the correct version of Hangfire.Core, correct the possible problems because of extra parameters and make it available?

Thank you