Azure Service Bus Queue Integration

I came across this package recently and I’m trying to understand what it does. There isn’t much documentation for it and I was hoping someone could clarify some things for me. Does it just simply use the bus for queuing up jobs (reduce latency e.t.c) and nothing more? I’m assuming you use it just like you would use Hangfire normally e.g.

BackgroundJob.Enqueue(() => DoSomething()).

In which case a message is put onto the queue and then is deleted once the job has finished processing. Is there no way to edit the message and keep the message on the queue until it is manually received?

I was hoping to use it in the following scenario. One app uses Hangfire to push a job into the service bus. Then another app uses hangfire to process the jobs from the service bus. This saves having the second app to poll the service bus for new jobs. Is this possible?

I’m also quite new to service buses in general so I may be misunderstanding a concept here. Thanks.