Is anyone using Azure.ServiceBusQueue?

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Is anyone using this? Any stability issues?

I’m currently subscribing to Hangfire.Pro, but I prefer to use the ServiceBus (even though I absolutely love Redis), since its just a layer on top of SqlServer Storage, while Redis appears to be its own storage.

I still want to use SqlServer storage, so any created hangfire jobs participate in my application’s transactions
(for example, only if the order placement transaction is successful, should an order placed notification be sent via hangfire)


I’m the owner of that repo.

We have been using it in a production application, Timestamp, since August 2015 with no issues and 6.6 million jobs successfully processed. I am also currently in the process of integrating this in to a different product.

There are a few small improvements that I have been working on and will be releasing to Nuget in the next week or so around logging and control over automatic queue creation, nothing to stop the package being used now though.


Perfect, thanks for replying.