Is it possible to just pass a message from Enqueue and have the server get the values and run it's code based on the values?

We really wanted to use Azure Message bus. Our scenario is we have a large web app and now we have to build a notification engine. The legacy application was poorly written and it would constantly poll tables to look for records that changed and if they did, pull the values back and process notification logic.

However, building the new application, we are going to architect to where when a value changes that could require a notification, have the web app send a message. That message would be an ID of the record in the database and possibly a status and type. maybe 3 to 5 values. The notification processing engine will be on a totally separate windows service. The code here will be isolated and have nothing to do with the code in the web app. I’m reading the documentation, and it’s not clear how you would use Enqueue or any other method with Hangfire to accomplish this. To summarize, something happens in the web app, we need a way to store a message that has a couple of values. The windows service then gets that message, based on the values of that message will use self contained logic to process notifications. Is that possible with HangFire? If so are there any examples that show how to do this?