Deploy Hangfire Dashboard to UAT server

I have created a MVC 4 project, and installed hanfire into it. I tried to view dashboard via http;:///Hangfire, It is working perfectly in my dev machine, I am able to view the dashboard

However, once I deploy it to my UAT server, I hit error Could not load assembly System.Web,Mvc 5.2.2

I checked my dev machine, it doesn’t has 5.2.2 as well, and working fine. UAT server has .NET 4.5 installed but hit error.

What is the mistake?
Please advice. tq

What is UAT server? System.Web,Mvc 5.2.2 assembly is somewhere in your application’s bin folder, or in the Global Assembly Cache. Have you tried to copy it?

I checked the System.Web.Mvc.dll in my project\bin folder, it is 4.0.2 version. and I did copy this file to UAT server as well. I am using VS “publish” feature to get all corresponding files into folder, and copy.

There are some version differences in your setup:

However, please google for this error as it does not relate to Hangfire itself, it is .NET/ASP.NET MVC issue.