Using Dashboard remotely with no assembly references

I have 2 servers: one running a WebAPI server which uses Hangfire server; the second server is an MVC web app from which I want to run a hangfire dashboard showing me the jobs which are scheduled on the WebAPI server.

I’ve configured the hangfire dashboard on the second server (pointing at the db one the webapi server) and all looks good except for the Job names and parameters. These are showing in the dashboard as “Can not find the target method.”.

I understand that this is because I do not have the assembly references from the webAPI server on my second server, which I don’t. I’m hesitating because it would mean adding a reference to the main webapi assembly on my second server, which seems unnecessary.

I notice in the Hangfire sql tables that all the information (method name, params etc) required to display this information is present. Is there no way to tell Hangfire to use the values in the db instead of using method reflection into the assemblies?


Unfortunately, there’s not enough information in DB to show the correct invocation information. For example, there’s no way to determine if the method is static, or whether it is asynchronous, or argument names (for tooltips).

Thats a shame. I could live with restricted info though. If i knew the method and could see the params that would be enough in 99% of my support cases.

I will raise this as a feature request.

Thank you for answering.