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[DisplayName("CustomName")] and [JobDisplayName("CustomName")]

I’m trying to overcome the Dashboard ‘Could not find target method’ for some of our jobs which utilize hangfire in a separate assembly from where the dashboard is.

I’ve read that the [DisplayName(“CustomName”)] and [JobDisplayName(“CustomName”)] attributes would be of help here so that i could write messages and then see them in the Dashboard, but i am unable to get them to work and still keep seeing ‘Could not find target method’.

Is it possible to be able to do this without having the dashboard reference the creating hangfire server’s assemblies?

We have a Front End, and Back End services with each having their own server targeting the same SQL Server. The Front End Dashboard does show jobs that the Back End creates, but i want to be able to write a custom message without having to reference the assemblies if possible.

Is this possible ?


Thank you.