Distributing the dashboard from the server

I’m investigating Hangfire and so far it seems to tick all of the boxes for me and more! Given that I’m hoping to start on a proof of concept. The only hurdle I have at the moment is how best to move the dashboard up into our web tier. Our architecture prohibits access to sql server from that tier. So my plan was to host hangfire with web api on our application server and expose the JobStorage(SqlServer) functionality as a api service. Then, I was hoping to host the dashboard in our web tier by creating a custom HttpClientStorage class and pointing the dashboard to it, which would indirectly call the service in the application tier.
Does that sound like a reasonable solution? Is there a best approach to do this?

Keeps up the great work

Hello, @darrenarbell. This solution looks reasonable, since dashboard uses coarse grained IMonitoringApi interface with simple DTOs. One exception is recurring jobs page - it uses fine grained IStorageConnection interface, but I think this problem can be solved.

Thanks for the validation. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to approach this soon and feedback progress.