Hangfire Dashboard does not work with Ektron CMS

I have a stock install of the Ektron CMS and am trying to get Hangfire to work with it. I have the server up and running just fine but the dashboard is getting 404 errors for its CSS and JS files. I’ve tracked it down to Ektrons URL Aliasing module. If I comment out that module int he Web.comfig then the dashboard works fine. I’ve contacted Ektron support and they say they don’t support Hangfire and I have to talk to the Hangfire team, which is pretty typical of their support unfortunately.
Does anyone have any experience getting the dashboard working with Ektron? Long shot I know.

The alternative I’m trying to get to work would be to run the dashboard off of another site. This is kind of working but not quite.
Here’s my config section.


		// Map Dashboard to the `http://<your-app>/hangfire` URL.
		app.UseHangfireDashboard("/hangfire", new DashboardOptions
			Authorization = new[] { new HangFireAuthorizationFilter() }

I can see the jobs that have ran, but the reoccurring job I have defined gives the following error.
“Could not load file or assembly ‘Sel.Workarea, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null’ or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.”
And it says there are no servers running. I don’t want to run a server on this site, or have the dll’s for the code here, I just want to see and control the server on the other site. Is that possible? I don’t see any reference to it in the docs.

So, to be clear. You have one site (CMS) running Hangfire server, and another site running Dashboard. Jobs are performing, but server doesn’t show up in the list. Correct?
Or no jobs are performing at all, i.e. server is not running?

As for assembly error, the assembly should be available for both server and dashboard, because dashboard uses reflection to display job method and args. Most likely the job assembly is only under the first site, try placing a copy/symlink under the other site as well.

Correct the server seems to be running and doing its job on the CMS, but the Dashboard says no servers are running (though I can see the scheduled job successes showing up just fine).
So I do need a copy of the dll on the other site then huh. Bummer. OK. I’ll look into that tomorrow. I was hoping the Dashboard would just “control” the server on the CMS without needing the DLL’s that run the code.

Howdy. I still need some help on this. I’m having problems making the Dashboard work correctly on a different site, and would prefer it work on the site that HangFire is used on. The problem I’m having is that the Dashboard JS and CSS are throwing 404’s.
I’ve already determined that the primary culprit is the CMS we are using (Ektron), it has a Module for URL aliasing that is being too greedy. The Hangfire dashboard is working in that we get HTML, but the css and js do not.
Does anyone know a work around for this. Some way to “reserve” those routes for Hangfire?