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Can Hangfire be used for Cross-Platform Distributed Message transport system

Hallo everybody

Can we use Hangfire as kind of Service Bus between different distributed systems?

Usage Szenarios:
I am looking for a solution where different systems/applications (WCF Service, Asp.Net Services, Windows Desktop applications etc) can produce messages and send them to some central message handling system, which can store messages in back store (DB or Radis etc). Messages than sent from right subscriber. A Hangfie like Monitoring tool on central message server can provide real time statistics.

Is HangFire a solution for that?

As i understand Hangfire seems like to be installed on all Application which are producing a message and you have a admin web site on each Plattform. I want to use one central place for monitoring and for message distributor like Post Office. This let me easy to plug new system to central messaging system. I know it can has single point of failure but that will be secure through multiple backup systems.

If you have any other Suggestion, most welcome to share with me.

Thanks in advance