Centralized Hangfire UI for multiple projects?

I found this project through references in the ASP.NET Weekly. What I’m looking for is a centralized place where I can view background processes of many different applications. I understand I can implement Hangfire Server in each of these projects individually, and certainly would have to do so to the extent that each application would need to ‘speak the language’ and queue up its own background processes. However, is it possible to use Hangfire in such a way that there is one centralized management screen (along with a single, shared database of tasks) that covers all the applications that call upon it? Or should I be looking at a different solution?

Ideally there would be a way to implement this as generally a standalone application and have it receive API requests that queue and track status of jobs sent from outside applications. But there may be other ways to accomplish this with Hangfire that would meet the need.

I found a few similar topics here but wasn’t able to really get a clear answer on this. Thanks.

You can use different queues http://docs.hangfire.io/en/latest/background-processing/configuring-queues.html