Unable to process jobs with high invisibility timeout


I deployed my application and manually fired off a recurring job. The job took a lot longer than it had took in the dev environment and after 2 hours (I’d set the invisibility timeout to 2 hours), the job restarted itself.

At this point I’d updated the invisiblity timeout to 18 hours (I just chose a high value as I don’t know how long to expect this task to take) and then deployed the application again.

However, I’m now unable to fire off any recurring jobs. If I trigger one, it just stays queued and doesn’t move into Processing. If I go onto the servers view, the started time is the time I initially deployed my app with hangfire and the Heartbeat is the time at which I performed the second deployment - it’s like Hangfire is looking at an old instance.

I’ve stopped the site in IIS and restarted it but it hasn’t had any difference.

Could this issue be down to the high invisiblity timeout? How do I get Hangfire to basically work again?