Setting Invisibility timeout to a high value


We are using hang fire to process some long running jobs some of which take more than 2 hours to run. Is there any downside to setting the invisibility timeout to say 6hrs?


LinusDev, I am new to Hangfire, so I hope the answer is correct.

One downside I have found so far working with long-term jobs is updating the function. When a job is running we must kill it in the dashboard to update to the current function.

Another is that if your server gets restarted for some reason, it might be a while before a worker picks up the task.

Stephan - Sorry I did not understand your comment. Are you referring to deploying a new application while the job is running?

Nirinchev - Thanks for your response, we are aware of that issue.


Yes, when you make a change to the function that hangfire runs, you must kill the old running instance if it’s still running.