Server processing of multiple assembly versions of the same queued method

I’m wondering if it’s possible for the hangfire server (within a windows service) to process multiple versions of the same method/assembly? I would like to be able to have the hangfire server dynamically load the correct version of an assembly based on the version of the job that is queued. Is this possible out-of-the-box? Would I just need to drop the various versions under folders within the hangfire servers app folder?
Ex: assemblyA.dll version 1.0 => web app queues assemblyA.SomeMethod();
assemblyB.dll version 1.1 => another web app queues assemblyB.SomeMethod();
Both assemblies would be available to the windows service app running hangfire server. Would it be able to dynamically load the correct assembly?

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hey. did u get answer ? is it possible ?

I still haven’t gotten around to trying it. It just hasn’t been a priority. Please respond back here if you get an answer. Thx!