Multiple queues from C# Method

Hi People,

I am hoping someone can help me.

I have an ASP.NET core app using Hangfire for task processing of deployments to Azure from a queue table.

This works well and I have limited the Enqueued method to not run concurrently. This allows each item in the queue to be run in the right order.

The problem I have is I can currently only run one queue at once. In my app there are multiple customers which each have a queue that can be processed.

As all the queues use the same class method additional customer deployments simply add enqueued items to the end of the default queue. Meaning the second customer will have to wait for the first to finish before their deployments will run.

I looked at using using multiple queues but they would need to be defined on the method which would again force all deployments into the same queue.

Is there any way to either spin up a new queue in the method itself dynamically (I.e. Using a variable name as the class attribute can only take a constant) or for each use of the Class method spin up (and dispose when complete) a new server instance, thus using a separate default queue.

Apologies if this is confusingly explained but I am desperately trying to allow multiple independent queues per customer.