Run "missed" recurring jobs at system startup

We have many solutions that uses Recurring Tasks to send out some daily emails, and we have issues making sure the website is running at the scheduled times.

Its not that important that the emails are being sent at that exact momemt specificed, so we’re missing a feature when adding Recurring Jobs to tell HangFire that its okay to run them at system startup if the time it should have been run was missed. So far we added this feature like this which we run in our Owin Statup Handler.

using (var connection = JobStorage.Current.GetConnection())
    var recurringJobs = connection.GetRecurringJobs();

    foreach (var job in recurringJobs)
        var cronSchedule = NCrontab.CrontabSchedule.Parse(job.Cron);
        var nextExecuting = DateTime.MinValue;

        var lastExecution = job.LastExecution;
        if (lastExecution.HasValue)
            nextExecuting = cronSchedule.GetNextOccurrence(lastExecution.Value);

        if (nextExecuting < job.NextExecution)
            var executingDate = DateTime.UtcNow;
            var state = new EnqueuedState {Reason = "Triggered by startup"};
            var client = new BackgroundJobClient();
            var jobId = client.Create(job.Job, state);

                String.Format("recurring-job:{0}", job.Id),
                new Dictionary<string, string>
                    {"LastExecution", JobHelper.SerializeDateTime(executingDate)},
                    {"LastJobId", jobId},

I’m in the same situation - our servers occasionally go down for maintenance and such, and we would like our daily tasks (which occurred during the downtime) to run as soon as they come back up (rather than waiting for the next day).

The above code doesn’t appear to compile any more (possible the 1.4 upgrade?)… any suggestions?

Same here, I had set up a scheduled task (stupidly didn’t untick the checkbox where it says kill it after 3 days). Started the server after the recurring job should have triggered and nothing :frowning:
Good job I built in a trigger command for exactly the same problem, but would really like to see this feature.