Recurring Job Daily

i want to run a Recurring Job Daily at 4.00 AM from may ASP.NET app.
i have this on my HangFireConfig.cs class

    public static void Start()
    {// common  code for ini........

_server = new AspNetBackgroundJobServer();

        RecurringJob.AddOrUpdate(() => backup.DBBackupCall(), Cron.Daily(timeInterval));


    public static void Stop()

but this tasks never happens. but when i am testing with Cron.Minutely(1) this works…
will the task will run when there is no connections to app pool for this app ?
how can i make it to run daily at 4.00 AM

As written in the docs:

Make sure your app always running
Your Hangfire Server instance should be always on to perform scheduling and processing logic. If you perform the processing inside an ASP.NET application, please read also Making ASP.NET application always running chapter.

Wow, you are still using Hangfire < 1.0! I recommend you to upgrade it :smile:

I love to … but its asking for .NET version 4.5
our app is written on 4.0

:frowning: .NET 4.5 has many great features, but upgrade decisions are always painful…