Hangfire Recurring jobs is not working continusly

HI Hangfire Team,

I am using Hangfire in production level. Hangfire is not running continues ly … See below i implemented code


RecurringJob.AddOrUpdate(() => new Service.Service().GetEmployeeDetails(), Cron.Monthly, TimeZoneInfo.Local);

Application Preload

Bootstarper code

Global.asax code

These all above code i impleented in Aps.net mvc solution

And also i setted the settings in Application pool

Manually.also i verified in setting in IIS

…This are all i implemented in my code …

based on below link


.Give me the solution for above issue. We are using in different enviroment .i will work diffrent
Please provide solution as early as posible.

Hi Sreenivas,
I dont know if this will help, and it is a basic thing, but i made this mistake.
idle time-out 20 minutes, i didnt have Always running in startMode though, but idle timeout was my issue
for long running operations i had to set idle Time-out to 0 and then just set a specific time for it to recycle every day