Recurring job gets missed

Hi there,

I have just started with Hangfire.Io and currently i have one web server instance queuing and executing jobs.

I have scheduled several similar parameterized jobs to be executed weekly on the same day and (what is important) time like …Cron.Weekly(DayOfWeek.Sunday, 05)

Now, the problem is that first couple of jobs from the menioned series do get triggered and executed properly whereas others just do not get executed at all.

Is there any known reason why some jobs might just not get enqueued?

If the server is processing jobs one after the other (or for example if worker pool is exceeded), may it cause the observed behavior and if yes, what is the recommended way to work around making sure the job is executed if not exactly at requested time, then at the “next possible time”, but the same day?

Request mentioned in Run “missed” recurring jobs at system startup seems to be somewhat relevant, but i don’t want to force jobs on startup, just want to make sure they are guaranteed to get run - even if with a delay.

UPDATE: I have found another relevant discussion in

@vkapara, this problem has been fixed in Hangfire 1.3.2.