Not all recurring jobs trigger when they should

I have scheduled a lot of recurring jobs - 679 to be exact. Everything used to be OK, but lately some of them just fail to schedule at the specific time they should. I have been using Hangfire for months, without much issues, so I’m sure that the CRON expressions are correct, and the setup of the server is working. I don’t know exactly at which point problem appeared - is it because the recurring jobs are too many and the scheduler can’t handle them?
If I trigger them manually, they all work just fine, problem is they are not scheduled automatically.
Any ideas would be appreciated, since the recurring jobs are integral to the customers’ business activities.

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I am having the same issue. We have about 80 jobs with different intervals, and at some point they stop executing.

The only thing that I found that works is to delete them all and recreate them using code. But only for a while. I have logging enabled but no clue where to start looking.