Run HangFire .NET CORE in Linux

I am developing a webapp to run on Linux server. So i create a new core app (its great), after i add HangFire library core,…Ok. But now, i need to setup the SQL storage. My only possiblity is MySQL…

MySQL HangFire lib on nuget is not supported for .NET CORE apps.

In my vision don´t make any sense create a HangFire .NET Core, with out create a Storage alterative than MS SQL…

Can i use local file system storage?


Why is that? You can also use MongoDB, which runs on Windows/Linux/OS X.

yes and postgresql, but is not ready for .NET CORE…

Ah, I always forget they’re slow with migrating to Core.

If you want, you may try my fork instead:

There’s also other .NET Core-compatible forks, like, but I’m not sure what codebase they’re using, so there could be issues with distributed locks.

I wrote up a guide on how to run Hangfire on .Net Core end-to-end.

Hangfire on .Net Core

It uses a Postgres store which is core compatible.