What is HangFire Core?

I have used HangFire for a while and it works very well with SQL server. I am looking for a more scalable solution and want to use Redis, and it looks like I need to upgrade. I am using .Net core and looking at the “Startup” plan, it does not list HangFire Core? what is that, is it related to .Net Core and why does it look like its missing?

Hangfire.Core is a library containing all the Hangfire’s core logic, state handlers, base classes, attributes, dashboard components etc. It is not related to .NET Core (in case you were confused by its name), but it supports netstandard1.3, so it can be used there.

Hangfire.Core and one of the storage libraries (e.g. Hangfire.SqlServer) is a bare minimum requirement to make things work. HangFire package is a metapackage which includes Hangfire.Core, Hangfire.SqlServer and Hangfire.SqlServer.Msmq.

What you’re probably looking for ASP.NET Core startup, is Hangfire.AspNetCore package. It is not included in HangFire metapackage, and should be added separately. So you should have Hangfire.Core, Hangfire.AspNetCore, and one of the storage implementations added to your .NET Core project.