Hangfire in .NET Core Cross Platform App using Sqlite

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Tried the various third party Sqlite extensions for Hangfire in a .NET Core application meant for cross platform use, and they don’t work or not recommended for Production according to their authors.

https://github.com/wanlitao/HangfireExtension (cannot seem to recognize the the connection string to the Db file when other Sqlite ORMs recognize the same Sqlite connection string). Very little documentation as well.

https://github.com/vip32/Hangfire.SQLite (author does not recommend this for Production use)

Does anyone have Hangfire working in a .NET Core or ASP.NET Core app using Sqlite? Any concrete examples or pointers would be appreciated.

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I’d rather not recommend to use SQLite at all, as it handles write concurrency qute poorly.

Thanks for the reply. I agree there are limitations with Sqlite, I had to review it from the perspective of an overall cross platform client side application with an embedded database and which has to be cross platform. Sqlite makes an excellent choice under the circumstances that we are evaluating it. It is just that I wanted to use it with Hangfire as well eliminating the need for more than one Db needing to be used.

I have also explored RavenDb extension for Hangfire (https://github.com/CadyIO/hangfire-ravendb) , and unfortuantely does not seem to support the Embedded storage option which it did in previous version (2.0) as well. So, the options for using Hangfire with embedded databases appear limited to me. I am checking to see if Hangfire will work with MongoDb as an embedded Db and see if that is viable.
Thanks again!