Can we use our PostgreSQL DB for hangfrire storage?

My First post;
We are building a .Net Core 2.2 Web API project and for the Database, we are planning to use PostgreSQL 11.x. As I was reading the Hangfire install process, I see the install refers to MSSQL Database as default.
My question is, can we use our App DB which is PostgreSQL for Hangfire’s storage, or do we have to use MSSQL?
If we have to use MSSQL, can we use the express edition for Hangfire? Is it sufficient enough?

Thank you in advance.

Basically, configuration of the storage for Hangfire jobs implemented over interfaces. So you can use already existing Nuget packages for PostgreSQL (ex or create an own implementation of the storage

Thank you for the reply. And thanks for the important link you provided. I needed that.