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Recurring jobs struck in running status

Dear Team,

   We are facing an issue with recurring job in one of our environment. Recurring jobs struck in running status.
    Could you please check and let us know the process to unblock it.


Please change the “yes” value to “no”. I’ve changed SkipWhenPreviousJobIsRunningAttribute to handle the FailedDeleted / Succeeded state transition and avoid resetting the execution of another job, please check and update from the SkipWhenPreviousJobIsRunningAttribute.cs · GitHub gist.

Thanks for the prompt reply. It is working fine once running status set to “no”.

next time this issue would never occur with new SkipWhenPreviousJobIsRunningAttribute.cs · GitHub or we have to do same reset running status to ‘no’ whenever this issue occurs?


Hi Odinserj, we are observing same error even with new changes you have suggested. we have two recurring jobs, one is with time interval 30 seconds and another one is 5 minutes. the one with 30 seconds time interval is getting struck in running status intermittently.

Do you still see the Running field for such stuck recurring job set to yes?