Recurring Jobs : Job Canceled (Pause) -Why Succeeded state?


I use a “CanBePausedAttribute” attribute that I found on the forum.
I have developed a sequence of recurring jobs but for some, I want them to pause after x attempts. (I manage the iterator myself).
When I put a recurring job in "filterContext.Canceled = true; ".
I have the bad surprise to see in the Hangfire dashboard that it continues its recurrence. It does not execute the code of the job, that is ok, but I find a trace in the jobs “Succeeded”

Is it normal to find jobs in “Succeeded” mode while they are canceled ?
I’d like to be able to pause a job, stop it, and then give the user the option to restart it.
Because if I have a job that runs every minute and it’s paused, I do not want it to continue running “in the wind” every minute.
Is it possible ?