Recurring Job was skipped on a single day, no explanation why


I have been using Hangfire for several years now. Recently I have had an issue with a recurring job, where there was a single day that was skipped. The job that was skipped, continued to run the next day without any intervention or changes to the job itself, and any other supporting infrastructure (webserver/IIS, database etc).

I have extensive logs that capture all actions during the job itself, for example job startup, if job is allowed to execute the function in the job (basically an on/off switch), if job has run, if job had any errors/exceptions.
Basically the 1st log entry for the job is logged regardless of the on/off switch, so even if the switch was set to disabled, the job still would have fired and created a log entry.
In this case I am not seeing any entries at all.

In addition to this issue, I am also having some trouble obtaining the correct date in order to perform an action inside the job. I am using DateTime.UtcNow.AddHours() to obtain my local time inside the job. We are using several other logging timestamps for other operations, therefore I am certain that it does not have to do with clock / timezone changes.

Any thoughts or similar experiences regarding these issues?