Recurrent call for the job method when the previous recurrent call execution is not completed

I have a Recurring job, that is getting executed in every 5 minutes. Let’s think the recurring job is getting more than 5 minutes to get completed.

What happen in the next recurring call? Is the job method getting called or is it waiting until the previous one get completed?

You’re talking about two different operations: enqueuing and processing.

Recurring Job doesn’t care about processing logic, it is only stuffing Jobs into a Queue at a specified interval. Your combination of Background Servers, Workers and Queues will determine when the Jobs in the Queue get processed. If there is a Worker available to execute your Job, then it will be executed immediately, even if the “same” Job is currently executing on another Worker.

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Thanks. I want to stop concurrent executions of the same job. I want the latter call to wait until the previous one get completed.

I can use **DisableConcurrentExecutionAttribute** to this right?

Did not know about that Attribute but it looks like it will work. Nice!