Queueing issues with Siteimprove

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Good afternoon,

We developed an API (in .NET using IIS) that accepts XML, validates the XML, stores the XML in a database and sends the XML as an email. To send the email, we use Hangfire to enqueue the jobs and Redis for the job storage (Note: We deploy Hangfire (client and server) within the application on the web server, but Redis is deployed on a separate server.) The issue we are struggling with is that when there are a lot of request per hour, the enqueued can reach as high as 5000+ (our application can have as much as 20000 request in an hour) which winds up hanging. By hanging, I mean that web server does not respond to the sender in a timely fashion (within 60 seconds) and when you initiate an HTTP request to the URL corresponding to the API, there is slow response time. In order for me to free it up, I have to recycle the IIS pool. That seems to work but is there another way around that? Can anyone provide insight on this issue?