Some jobs get stuck in Enqueued until another job is enqueued


We’ve just started using Hangfire in our production environment and I’m experiencing an issue.

Most of the time jobs fly by the Enqueued state and get processed very quickly, but every now and again (I’d say about one in ten jobs) get stuck in Enqueued until another job is enqueued, at which time both jobs get processed. It’s like those random stuck jobs need a kick in the back to get processed.

Could this be related to this? Jobs being created in database, stuck as Enqueued

We’re using Hangfire v1.5.0 with a Redis storage (3 node Sentinel cluster).

Please let me know if you need further info.

Thanks for a great product :smile:


Hi @lars, what package are you using to support Redis as a job storage?


Sorry, forgot to mention. I’m using HangFire.Redis.StackExchange.1.4.7.


Please post the issue here: